Thursday, October 30, 2008

New Magnetic Propulsion Technology for cars

21-Year-old David Gonzales II of San Antonio, has developed a novel new idea to propel cars running on internal combustion engines. According to Gonzales, only about 20 percent of all the energy generated by an internal combustion engine actually reach the wheels of the car.

This young man claims he has devised a way to increase that output to about 90 percent, by magnetically propelling the vehicle using magnetic layers fitted inside the wheels of the vehicle. In addition to propelling the vehicle forward, these magnets will also help bring the car to a standstill during braking, and thus eliminate friction during braking. Energy is also recycled and stored during braking, and the system also boasts a transmission that has no moving parts. The Layered MagWheel is able to convert about 90 percent of the energy passing through it to the wheel. This will allow drivers to go several times farther on a gallon of gas.

His invention has earned Gonzales a $100,000 first-place award in the ConocoPhillips Energy Prize competition during October 2008.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


The enterprise mobility business from motorola has announced the new VC6096 in-vehicle / fixed mount mobile computer - an all-in-one solution designed to help maximise driver productivity,reduce costs and improve customer services. The new VC6096 extends the breadth of motorola's mobile computer offering with comprehensive wireless voice and data capabilities for transportation and logistics providers. This device will work with 3.5g wam connectivity on the GSM network.
The new VC6096 also improvies the safety and lifecycle of vehicle fleets. With integrated SAE J1708 and SAE J1939 telematics supports. Transpotation customers are now armed with the tools for automatic monitoring and collection of engine operation information -- providing dispatchers with visibility into engin error codes to imprvoe overall maintenance , driver productivity, and vehicle utilisation. The VC6096 can also provide information on the driving patterns of mobile workers to identify safety issues, eliminte unnecessary wear and tear on vehicles and minimise fuel consumption. In addtion, the new VC6096, unlike proprietary solutions, offers an open platform that allows customers to select and control applications and peripherals that best meet their business needs.

The VC6096 vehicle / fixed-mount mobile computer is expected to be available in the fourth quater of 2008.